Szűcsi Völgy-tó Rules 2021

• It is prohibited to enter the territory of the lake with a vehicle without a permission!
• It is prohibited to talk loudly and to disturb the quiet of others, any angler who does that - or his/her company - will be requested by our bailiffs to leave!
• It is possible to set up a tent or to camp in the area of the lake - if previously agreed on with the bailiff. NO fires allowed!
• Nothing can be built on the fishing peg and nothing can be left / stored there after leaving.
• It is PROHIBITED to destroy the vegetation in any form whatsoever!
• It is obligatory to use the facilities around the lake as intended, to maintain their conditions and to keep them clean!
• It is PROHIBITED to have a bath in the lake!
• Smoking is PROHIBITED in the boats! Furthermore it is strictly FORBIDDEN to leave the cigarette butts on the shore!
• It is not allowed to start or continue fishing on a polluted swim, the waste produced during the fishing must be collected in the waste containers for a fee. After finishing the fishing, the swims, pegs must be left clean! All anglers are obliged to comply with the provisions regarding the environmental protection of the water and its surroundings and to make others observe them, too!
• It is possible to collect the waste produced during fishing in the waste container next to the bailiff’s house, this costs HUF 1.000 (EUR 3) / person and this is possible in waste collection bags requested upon arrival! (Waste collected in other waste collection bags shall not be put into the container!)
• It is allowed to use an aggregator to generate electric energy (max. 2 kW) from dawn till dusk.
• In case of noticing any violation of the regulations the angler must immediately notify the bailiff.
• All anglers shall take special care of the preservation of the health of the fish caught, which will be continuously checked by the bailiffs and in case of non-compliance the anglers could be requested to leave the premises! It is PROHIBITED to make photos of a fish while standing!
• It is allowed to use 2 rods! The use of 3 rods is optionally also possible!
• All anglers must use good quality carp cradles and densely woven landing nets.
• It is strictly forbidden to put the fish caught into the boat! It is only allowed to bring the fish to the shore next to the boat and slowly.
• All carps above 17 kg must be reported immediately to the bailiff on duty and until that it is only allowed to keep it in a floating weighing sack. (In at least 1 m deep water.) It is strictly prohibited to use traditional carp sacks on the lake! It is only allowed to take photos of carps over 17 kg in the presence of a bailiff or the lake manager! (It is PROHIBITED to start to take photos alone!) After the photos all fish below 17 kg must be immediately put back into the water (it is FORBIDDEN to store the fish).
• Special care must be taken with fish over 20 kg! With the landing net it is PROHIBITED to lift ANY fish! These fishes can be weighed in a weighing net taken out from the landing net in the water. It is strictly forbidden to put the carps above 20 kg on the shore! Weighing and taking photos is only allowed in the presence of a bailiff!!! (Where it is possible in the swims 3-4-5-6-7-9-10). In the spring and in the autumn it is recommended to use chest waders... In case of violating the above rules we apply zero tolerance! We enforce immediate ban!
• Phone number of the bailiff on duty: +36 30 648 8169
• In order to protect our fish, only carp cradles or carp mats with a high side wall and at least 5 cm bottom thickness are allowed!
• You can use your own boat, but you can also rent a boat - if necessary (HUF 2.500/day). Boats can only be used at your own risk! Only electric motors are allowed, it is FORBIDDEN to use combustion engines!
• Every peg or swim must use 1 boat!
• It is allowed to feed from the boat and to bring the tackle in with the boat. It is strictly prohibited to play the fish from the shore!
• It is not allowed to use bait boats!
• It is obligatory to use big, densely woven landing nets and sanitizer! It is FORBIDDEN to use landing nets with fixed frames (not foldable and with rubber or line)!
• Braided line (with permission), leadcore, leader are FORBIDDEN! Hooklinks excepted! It is obligatory to use monofil hooklink line (min. 0.60 mm, min. 20 meters). A monofil main line is allowed with a minimum diameter of 0.35 mm!
• It is forbidden to use fixed leads. It is forbidden to use lead clips spikes! (This can be checked by the bailiffs continuously.)
• It is allowed to use barbed hooks (up to size 2).
• Feeding is allowed with any device. The place of feeding can be marked at the beginning of the fishing, but only with marker float, H-buoy or deep-water buoy. Nothing else (plastic bottles, styrofoam etc.) is allowed for marking! The use of tilting buoys is prohibited! The marking must be removed from the area fed at the end of fishing.
• It is not allowed to fish the areas within 20 meters of the protected area signalised by buoys! (pegs 8-9) The protected zone cannot be fished! Any attempt to do so will result in an immediate ban!!!
• It is forbidden to fish within 20 meters of the buoys signalising the sector!!!
• It is allowed to fish in front of the pegs in the designated sectors, no deviation or fishing in other swims is allowed!
• With a boilie ticket it is only allowed to fish for peaceful fish. (No small fish can be used as a bait for fishing for bigger predators!)
• It is strictly forbidden to feed and bait with dog or cat food! Seeds can only be used, if boiled! It is OBLIGATORY to comply with the current bait and feeding limits!
• Every visitor on the whole territory of the lake shall be obliged to let the vehicle check upon request by the bailiff or lake manager. Visitors must comply with the instructions of the bailiff or the lake manager. In case of noticing any violation of the regulations the angler must immediately notify the bailiff. In case of any violation of the rules the bailiff may ask the person or persons to leave immediately!
• With the permission of the lake manager it is possible to receive guests from dawn till dusk!
• Swims 1 and 4 can only be booked together with the wooden cottage! (price for the wooden cottage HUF 7.000,- / 24 h) (+ HUF 10.000,- deposit).
• It is possible to occupy the swims or pegs from 12 am and they must be left until 11 am.

We wish you a very pleasant time on the shores of the Szűcsi Völgy-tó!

Tamás Csörgő Lake manager